REBEL & REASON Digital Marketing Packages

During the current Covid19 crisis, many small businesses are finding that their brand and marketing tactics are not set up for success at a time when digital marketing is the difference between survival and closing up shop. To support these businesses REBEL & REASON is offering digital marketing packages to help companies reach the right customers with the right content as things continue to adapt and change.



THE BASICS $3,000 $2,500

  • 1 1/2 hr discovery & strategy session
  • Covid 19 web adds: pop up, top bar notification, 1-page message
  • Content strategy
  • Branded newsletter template creation and set up

THE OPTIMIZER $4,000 $3,500

  • 1 1/2 hr discovery & strategy session
  • Web Audit & website optimization recommendations
  • Social advertisements targeting recommendations
  • Social media guide/content strategy
  • 3 Email templates

THE FULL PACKAGE $6,000 $5,500

  • 2 hr discovery & strategy session
  • Web Audit, content plan, website optimization recommendations
  • 5 custom templates for Instagram, 3 Instagram story templates,
  • Social advertisements targeting recommendations
  • Social media guide/content strategy
  • 3 email templates
  • 3 blog posts & blog setup (if needed),

A LA CART OPTIONS (pricing upon request)

  • Blog post/newsletter content creation
  • Newsletter template design and set up
  • Social media strategy
  • Custom Instagram templates
  • Paid media strategy
  • YouTube optimization
  • Photo & Video production (product, blog, lifestyle content)

Strategy & Positioning: What is Your "Why"

$2,500 $1,800

  • Discover Core Insights & Drivers of your brand story
  • Define your Core Belief
  • Identify your "Monster"
  • Develop your Offer
  • Redefine your "Why"


At REBEL & REASON, we've mastered the art and science of intentional rebellion and turned it into our superpower. We partner with companies and organizations in every industry to use creative problem solving and curiosity to develop engaging and authentic brands, along with marketing campaigns that help companies achieve their business goals. With a focus on finding and developing efficient and effective tactics and strategies, REBEL & REASON delivers digital marketing strategy and planning, high quality content production, CRM set-up and maintenance, email marketing solutions to help your company optimize your digital presence.